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Partner with Mamado to leverage our bespoke system, boost sales and make your brand shine.

Submit a sample

As a vendor looking to partner with Mamado, your first step is to submit a sample of the products you would like for us to consider. We are always looking for the latest beauty, electricals and health and wellness products, plus accessories to help our retail customers stay ahead of the game. Please note that these products are non-returnable.

Complete our New Vendor Information Form

Next, please download, fill-out and enclose our New Vendor Information Form with the products you would like us to consider, including pricing, features and benefits, competitors, and why Mamado should be excited to represent these items. You can download the form by clicking the button below.

Add more information

Include information on the products you are submitting, such as brochures, articles, and more.

Send all information and sample products to:

Purchasing Department

Mamado House

8 Parr Road



United Kingdom

New Vendor Information Form

We look forward to a long and successful partnership!

Please allow a minimum of 30 days for the experts at Mamado to review your submission. After we have evaluated your products, if we are interested, we will contact you for further information or to arrange a meeting at our London headquarters. Since we will only contact you if we feel that your products are a good fit for Mamado’s extensive list of retailers, there is no need to check the status of your submission.

How Mamado Helps

At Mamado we help our vendors reach more retailers and end-customers for higher sales and increased brand recognition

Sales Flyers

Mamado directly mails sales flyers to all independent OTC stores and small distributors to keep your products visible and at the forefront of their minds when they’re ready to place an order.


The team at Mamado are masters at developing creative solutions for all types of product displays.

Banner Advertising

Mamado provides banner advertising on our website which attracts high traffic from individual OTC stores and other distributors and results in high conversion rates for your brand.

Store Signs

The expert designers at Mamado craft bespoke interior and exterior signage in OTC stores to get your brand and your products noticed and flying off the shelves.

Product Education Platform

With over 30 years of experience, Mamado has developed a bespoke system which helps OTC stores sell more of your products to their customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Push Through Programs

Mamado offers push through programs and promotions that increase your sales through our advanced B2B E-Commerce platform and mailings.

Sales Reps

Mamado expertly represents your brand and provides a tailored experience to allow both your brand and products to shine so that you make more sales, faster.

Partner with Mamado Today to Reach More Retailers and More Customers

New Vendor Information Form